Explore Poland's oldest salt mine

Bochnia Salt Mine is another great option for those who want to experience an unusual adventure. Just an hour drive from Krakow, the Bochnia mine is the oldest salt mine in Poland with Its origins dating back to 1248.

It may be a great alternative to the more popular and always crowded salt mine in Wieliczka. Both sister salt mines are UNESCO registered and offer plenty of attractions.

Access the mesmerising underground town of salt chambers and chapels and learn about excavations and the history of the mine from the multimedia exhibition.

Enjoy the fairy-like ambience and take a ride on a special underground train, that goes through St. Kinga’s Chapel!

For those not afraid of speed, a 140 meter (460 ft) wooden ramp is waiting to slide down between the mine levels. Finally, take a boat trip across a chamber filled with brine, an unforgettable experience and definitely the biggest attraction of the mine. The mine offer includes overnight stays and it also works as a health resort.