Explore Wieliczka Salt Mine 4 hours by car

Explore the underground world of Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the most unique European tourist attractions. This 700-year-old complex is registered on the UNESCO World Heritage list as the world's oldest mining site that has operated without interruption since the Middle Ages.

After a short drive from Krakow a special private mine guide will meet you outside the mine entrance to take you to the amazing subterranean world of salt. You will explore 3 kilometers of meandering corridors, magnificent chambers and giant caverns, majestic chapels, an underground lake, and dozens of unique sculptures carved in the salt rock, before you reach the depth of 135 meters underground.

The largest and most impressive among underground chapels in Wieliczka is the Chapel of Saint Kinga, entirely sculpted in the salt. You may also want to visit the Salt Mine Castle, which was originally an administrative headquarters for the Salt Mines. Today it houses a museum dedicated to the history of the Salt Mines.

Exploration of the salt mine takes approx. 3 hours. At the end of the tour, an elevator will return you to the surface and back to the world. Note that temperature underground ranges between 14° and 16° C so please bring warm clothing. Also, comfortable shoes are recommended as there are 800 steps to follow of which 350 at the beginning will take you down into the mine (for those who don’t like to walk down we will arrange elevator.

The route is a three kilometer walk over sometimes uneven terrain and is not appropriate for anyone who has claustrophobia. Once begun, there are no shortcuts and you can’t turn back.