Folk tour to Lowicz 12 hours by car

Lowicz is a center of Polish folk arts and crafts.

Its locally produced handicrafts, hand-woven materials, carved wood ornaments and colored paper cut-outs remain very popular in all parts of Poland.

This rather sleepy town bursts into action on the Corpus Christi day. This is when a flamboyant procession of people wearing “pasiaki” – traditional colorful costumes from Lowicz, makes its way through the town center.  With men carrying flags, boys with decorated pillows and girls sprinkling flower petals. Starting at the Old Market Square, the procession follows through the streets stopping at four specially set up altars before it returns to the Old Market Square.

This several hundred years old tradition has just been added onto the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage kept by the National Heritage Institute, as the first step towards being put on the UNESCO list.

Other attractions include, Lowicz ethnographic museum exhibiting Polish art and historical artifacts from the region, the Collegiate Church and the Parish Church.