Gdansk - Old Town 4 hours on foot

The best way to explore Gdansk is on foot. Our guide will pick you up from the hotel lobby for a tour around the Old Town.

Soak in the unique ambience of Gdansk, explore its cobble streets and learn about the city’s complex history.

You will find iconic buildings and historical monuments around every corner.  From the Neptune Fountain, the Artus Court, to four city gates on the Royal Route: the Crane Gate, the Golden Gate, and the Upland Gate.

You can admire the beautiful facades of town houses of the Long Market and check out the Prison Tower. At the picturesque Motlawa Riverbank you will find a massive, 15th century Old Crane, which is now a museum with a wooden elevator and granaries used at the port during its heyday.

You may also want to step inside St Mary’s Basilica, founded in 1343 and remaining of the largest brick churches in Europe.