Lodz - the city of four cultures 1 day by car

Lodz is now easily accessible from Warsaw. After 1,5-hour drive our guide will be happy to reveal the secrets of this amazing post-industrial city.

The 19th-century city of Lodz was the heart of the Polish textile industry, with the sheer number of factories there earning the city its reputation as the “Polish Manchester.” And while the local economy attracted immigrants, the city became a melting pot of Jewish, Russian, German and Polish culture.

During our city tour, you will visit Ksiezy Mlyn – industrial district of Lodz and see the Factory of Karol Scheibler. This lovely quarter is the pearl of the 19th-century residential complex, including houses, schools, and shops. Now some of them are converted into artists’ lofts.

You will also have a chance to explore the industrial complex that belonged to the once-powerful Poznanski family. We will visit Manufaktura, the former beautiful Factory, which has been revitalized and converted into a cultural, commercial and entertainment center. Poznanski was also the owner of a rather monumental neo-Baroque style palace, called nowadays the Poznanski's Palace that houses The Museum of Lodz.

Take a stroll along Piotrkowska Street, the main artery of Lodz, filled with shops, pubs, restaurants, and sculptures commemorating the famous inhabitants of Lodz.

If time allows, we recommend you visit the White Factory which is home of the Textile Museum. It gathers a number of looms, old materials and examples of the weaver’s art.