Malbork Castle

Tricity is a good base to visit one of the best tourist attractions of this area, the Malbork Castle

During this fascinating trip you will visit the biggest brick fortress, once a seat of Teutonic State. In 1280 the Teutonic Knights built here a fortified monastery, later known as the Upper Castle. And over time, other parts of the structure were raised creating a huge brick fortress. 

Our tour of Malbork will take you back in time and will allow you to get an insight into the lifestyle of the Teutonic Knights.

You'll see several out-walls and guard towers before heading inside the castle, which is a huge and fascinating maze of tunnels, twisting towers, and vaulted rooms.

The museum houses valuable collections of artistic amber wares, medieval architectural elements, old weapons and military equipment.

In 1997 Malbork Castle was recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.