Pierogi & More culinary workshop in Warsaw

"Pierogi & More" sounds like a perfect name for such endeavor, because though the hosts specialize in pierogi, there’s so much more to explore in those culinary workshops. Hosted by professional staff in 4 different languages (English, Polish, French and Spanish) and suitable for vegans and vegetarians, those classes will show you that making tasty food is a task for everyone.

The most popular option from their catalogue is the pierogi making workshop. With a professional host you will learn all the ins and outs of making pierogi. Not just the traditional way too! Try their options for vegetarian and vegan pierogi and taste the delicious meal made all by yourself. Not to mention, hearing all about the history of this traditional Polish meal.

If you want to try something else, there are many, many workshops to explore. How about traditional Polish alcoholic beverage “nalewki”? Made with infusing various ingredients into 30% or 45% vodka and then aged, nalewki are a very interesting part of Polish culture. Of course, the workshop offers will not only have you make one for yourself but also have a degustation of nalewki made by professionals.

During the holiday season, you are sure to explore new amazing experiences too. Christmas Polish traditions are heavily linked to food, hence the “Pierogi & More” workshops have it covered too. How about learning how to prepare a traditional Polish Christmas feast? Or learn how to make gingerbread cookies, a staple of Polish Christmas cuisine? No matter which one you choose, these workshops are surely guaranteed to not only teach you new skills but also bring you unforgettable memories to share.