The Bieszczady Mountains

For an off-the-beaten-track destination, let us take you to the beautiful and isolated Bieszczady Mountains. Stretched in the southern east part of Poland, on a border with Slovakia and Ukraine, this is the wildest part of Poland.

Discover the Bieszczady National Park, the third largest national park in Poland that is a part of the Eastern Carpathian UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Climb up the highest peak - Mt Tarnica (1346m) or try water sports on Lake Solina (Jezioro Solinskie), one of the most beautiful man-made and the largest lake in Poland.
Popular with nature lovers and hikers, the Bieszczady Mountains are one of the most attractive parts of Poland.

Bieszczady are famous for wide meadows and treeless, grassy ridges called “poloniny”, inhabited by bears, wolves, lynx, wild cats, red deer, bison and an excess of 150 bird species.
The area has practically stayed unaltered by man. Visited by countless number of visitors searching for tranquility, fresh air and crystal-clear water. The serene nature of the Bieszczady Mountains is also appreciated by the photography enthusiasts.

The fauna and flora of the Bieszczady National Park (“Bieszczadzki Park Narodowy”) is pretty spectacular. It boasts some 27 species of Eastern-Carpathian plants which are only found in this particular part of Poland.
Whereas the rich fauna is represented by large predatory birds and mammals, creating, with the areas of primeval forests, the last natural forest biota in Europe.
The headquarters of the park and the most popular tourist center is in Ustrzyki Gorne. Quite often it is the starting point for many tourists visiting this beautiful part of the country.
With around 135 km of marked and relatively easy tourist trails and four educational trails, the Bieszczady Park Narodowy is a real treat for all nature lovers.