The Tuchola Forest

Tuchola Forest (Bory Tucholskie) are located at the middle north of Poland and are considered a part of Kashubian part of Poland. This region is especially known for its wonderful pine tree forests.  


The beautiful pine trees are a staple of the Tuchola Forest’s landscape. Celebrated and loved all across the country, at this area there are lots and lots of parks that protect the trees, such as landscaped park and nature reservoirs. Especially, we have to highlight the Bory Tucholskie Natural Park. There you can experience all the beauty of the region from pine trees and mushrooms through ferns and moss, to the various animals such as wolves and bats. Not to mention, inside the National Park is a very famous attraction – Bartuś the oak, the 600 year old oak tree.

A great way to spend the time at Tuchola Forest is to take relax nearby water. The most famous one is the Brda river. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy the river runoff, especially by kayaking. There are also lots of lakes to explore, of various shapes and sizes. The biggest ones include Wdzydze, Charzykowskie and Krasińskie. All the lakes are also known for their high quality of cleanliness and the vast beauty.

Along with the beautiful nature, Tuchola Forest is also a great historical place. One of the examples is the Teutonic knights castle – the second biggest right after Malbork. Located in a city of Człuchów and serving nowadays as a museum, this castle is a testament to history and to the gothic style of buildings.

How about a trip to other important places? For example, Chojnice is a city with a very beautiful constructions all around the Old Town. The old defensive gates are a sight to behold all around. It’s definitely a place of a perfect blend of history and modern touch. Maybe you want to explore a place even older? How about the old capital of this region Tuchola? As one of the oldest cities in all of Poland, it’s definitely a place to learn all about the history of this region.

The beauty of Tuchola Forest region is in the connections. Connection between past and present, between nature and modernity. Tuchola Forest marvels all those who come to visit with spectacular forests and the perfectly kept old monuments. It has a bit for everyone. Do you want to go kayaking on a Brda river runoff? Or maybe explore old Teutonic castle in Człuchów? Or relax by the Ostrowite lake to explore a consignation of 7 clear and gorgeous lakes? Or maybe you want to see yew tree forests and see the peatbogs around?

No matter what the goal is the destination can be the Tuchola Forest. Come visit to see the fantastic sights and relax by the wild nature of this place!