Walking tour of Poznan 4 hours on foot

Poznan and its beautiful architecture can be easily explored on foot. 

In the heart of the Old Market Square you will find one of the most beautiful examples of the Renaissance Town Hall buildings, with a historic 16th century clock. Every day as the clock strikes midday, the doors of the small tower open to show two mechanical billy goats. The clockwork goats then butt heads each other twelve times, as they have been doing so since 1551.

We will continue the stroll through the city’s historic center, bursting with churches and colorful burgher houses.

The oldest part of the city, the Cathedral Island (also known as Ostrow Tumski) sits between two branches of the Warta river. Poznan Cathedral and its surrounding ecclesiastical buildings occupy the central part of the island. This is where the first Polish bishopric was established in 968. It’s worth visiting the oldest Polish Cathedral, dating back to the 10th century. Here you will also find a real historic gem – the tombs of the first rulers of the country: Mieszko I and his son, Boleslaw the Brave, the first king of Poland.

Steeped in history, Poznan Cathedral played a key role in the christianization of Poland and subsequent consolidation of the state. The church was repeatedly damaged by natural and building disasters and wars.  The cathedral was returned to a Gothic style during its post-war reconstruction.