Gdansk Cradle of freedom

Gdansk also known as Danzig is a beautiful historic city with a unique cosmopolitan character, perfectly situated on the southern edge of the Baltic coast. Once a major Baltic port, Gdansk mesmerises with strikingly un-Polish architecture shaped by wealthy merchants who came here from all corners of Europe.

It is the city of rich Polish, German and Kashubian heritage. And for centuries it was a hotspot for clashing German discipline with Polish resistance. As a result, Gdansk remains the city of great historic and cultural importance to both nations.

Gdansk offers a plentiful of attractions: from the Neptune Fountain, to St Mary’s Church - the largest brick church in the world, to the magnificent Artus Court, the largest medieval crane in Europe. For those interested in history, we recommend visiting the European Solidarity Centre and the Museum of the Second World War.

With an abundance of bars, cafes, amber shops and trendy Granary Island for unforgettable culinary experiences, let the city enchant you with its unique atmosphere.

We highly recommend visiting two other parts of Tricity: fashionable resort town of Sopot and vibrant port town of Gdynia.

For those travelers staying longer in Gdansk, we offer a half-day tour of the Teutonic Malbork Castle or a chance to see Torun - a pearl of Gothic architecture and the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus.



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