Wrocław The meeting place.

A little more off the beaten path, in the heart of Lower Silesia region, lies Wroclaw, the fourth largest city of Poland.

Based on the picturesque Odra River, Wroclaw is the city of historical importance. Closely bound up with European history in general and with the fate of the Habsburgs Family, Prussia, and Germany in particular, Wroclaw shines with its unique architectural and cultural make-up.

This idyllic city, also known as “Venice of the North”, spreads over 12 islands and a 100 bridges.

Wroclaw wows visitors with its pastel-colored, postcard-perfect buildings. And similarly to Krakow, it has a rich cultural offering, with several theatres, music and film festivals and bustling nightlife.

Wroclaw’s main attractions include Poland’s largest painting of “Panorama Raclawicka”, one of the largest market squares in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site -the Centennial Hall (the most important cultural hall in Poland), and Europe’s most modern concert hall at the National Forum of Music.

And while visiting Wroclaw, watch out for dwarfs, small bronze sculptures, scattered around the city. There’re a few hundred of them! For those interested in the history of the World War II, we highly recommend trips to Riese Complex, a massive top-secret underground complex ordered by Führer or Miedzyrzecz Reinforced Region, which is a net of reinforced concrete bunkers, steel domes, and concrete anti-tank barriers.

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