Warsaw Capital, the phoenix city

Warsaw, Polish capital for more than four centuries, surprises visitors with its vitality, cosmopolitan atmosphere and hospitable people. With a mosaic of impressive historical buildings, modern skyscrapers and green parks, Warsaw pulsates with its unique invincible energy.

Warsaw, the city that rose from the ashes after the Word War II, has a very rich cultural offer catering for all tastes. From theatre and opera, to fine art, classical music and fine dining, Warsaw will dazzle you with more choices than any other city in this part of Europe.

Nature lovers will be delighted with the most unspoiled nature reserves in Europe, Bialowieza National Park, within easy reach from the capital. The last remaining primeval woodland in Europe, is home to a great number of species from vascular plants, fungi, insects, birds, to the iconic European bison.

Another great attraction, Masurian Lake District (Mazury), known as “the land of a thousand lakes”, is just two hours’ drive from Warsaw. Each year Mazury attract thousands of sailors, kayakers, fishermen, bikers and lovers of active tourism from all over Europe. With quaint villages, medieval castles, green forests, crystal clear lakes and rivers, Mazury region truly deserves the title of Poland’s paradise.

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